Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can use paymenTechnologies?

Anyone can apply for a paymenTechnologies account. paymenTechnologies is most suitable for small and medium sized businesses who sell less than $200,000 worth of products per month through their website.

2. How much money can I process?

paymenTechnologies merchants can process between $100 – $200,000 per month through their paymenTechnologies account.

3. How much does paymenTechnologies cost?

paymenTechnologies charges a minimal percentage of your processing volume.

4. How do I connect my website to paymenTechnologies?

You can connect paymenTechnologies’s secure hosted payment page to your shopping cart, or directly to your website.

5. What types of payments can I accept with paymenTechnologies?

paymenTechnologies lets you accept credit card, debit card and direct debit payments easily on your website. Support card types include Visa, Mastercard and Cirrus Maestro branded cards. paymenTechnologies also lets you accept recurring payments and invoice your customers.

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